Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Too Late? Or Just in Time?

Is it too late for the West to change course? Too late for the United States to become what it once was? Too late for France to restore her civilization? Do recent events in France signal an awakening that has come not a minute too soon? Or is it a swansong? The French once murdered their monarchy, can they not murder the Fifth Republic, and start afresh with a Sixth? How they would do this with more than half the country either Socialist or terrified of being accused of heresy such as racism or Islamophobia is not known. How they would overcome their dread of war and violence is not known. How they would recapture a sense of pride in their past accomplishments is not known. And what the new order would really look like is also unknown.

Dissent, and the possibility of the United States returning to the great Republic it once was is discussed at Laura Wood's website, for those interested. France is not part of the discussion, but I would very cautiously venture a guess that if France manages to rid her soil of Islam and restore a semblance of her traditional culture and way of life, it will be because she was in much greater immediate danger and was able to perceive this danger on a day to day basis, just as Russians, during the Soviet terror, were aware of (or at least sensed) the horrors being committed on a massive scale.

In America we childishly cling to our stubborn blind optimism, a trait that has always been repugnant to me and to some critics of the American character. Optimism is never a viable option. Realism is. This does not mean fatalism, but a willingness to call a thing by its name, and to fearlessly work toward ridding the society of its subversive elements, even if it means sacrificing optimism about the human race, even if it means running the risk of being called "racist", today a more hateful label than "capitalist"! Relentless optimism is a symptom of repressed fear. The fear lessens insofar as there is a reasonable possibility for a successful outcome, for a legitimate and necessary overthrow of a system that is genocidal and suicidal, liberticidal and systemically nihilistic.

The French may resist and die an honorable death. We may acquiesce and live a dishonorable and corrupt life, without realizing it, so effective will be the comatose media-induced, public-school-induced sleep in which we are slowly decaying. But of course, we will continue to talk about stocks and bonds and social justice for females and blacks and religious equality for Muslims.

The Plutonic forces of destruction cannot be stopped. We have to let them run their course to make way for the new. But we must, at the same time, do whatever we can to see to it that the new order, built on the ashes of the old, is not devoid of memory. That it is, instead, totally aware of what happened, of who was responsible, of what was done and not done to prevent it, and of the responsibility to keep alive the best of our efforts.  

To end on a lighter note (or is it?), here's Tintin, lost in France:

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At November 14, 2012 10:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hear, hear. I always enjoy your own essays even more than your comments on posted items from other sources.

At November 16, 2012 2:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Tintin illustration in this context, gives it a whole new meaning. Great idea to underline the point, tiberge:D

Heaven help us all!

At November 16, 2012 3:44 AM, Blogger tiberge said...

I mentioned Laura Wood's article in this post. Lawrence Auster has some further thoughts on our terrible and apparently hopeless situation. (This is not a long post.)

What he says about the difference between the American people and the "polity" - the structured State, may be true of France as well. The French always refer to their "République". But the people did not begin with the republic. The people began under a Christian monarchy. So the distinction between the French people on the one hand, and the current political structure - the Fifth Republic, on the other, - is very great. Normally the people must obey the laws of their State. But if the State exhibits genocidal goals towards its own people, the people have a duty to themselves and a basic primordial right to save themselves from an illegitimate State.

"When in the course of human events..."

At November 16, 2012 4:14 PM, Anonymous Robert Marchenoir said...

"What he says about the difference between the American people and the "polity" - the structured State, may be true of France as well."

Except that a sizeable portion of the French people belong to the polity, starting with the huge public sector workforce.

Politicians and civil servants share the same interests and the same ideology.

Furthermore, this parasitic class is much larger than the figures would suggest. Thousands of so-called non-profit entities live and die by the State's money. The people working for them are de facto civil servants.

At November 16, 2012 4:56 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ Robert Marchenoir

In both France and the United States a sizeable portion of the people are part of the polity. Here as well, the millions of whites who voted for Obama are part of the polity. The question is - can the portion of the population that is still loyal to the original nation somehow survive, separated from the polity, in a new State based on the same original values of the polity? In France you have one thing we don't have - a legitimate heir to the throne (even two heirs, depending on whom you prefer). I'm sure a return to the monarchy is implausible, but if the authentic French people broke with the Fifth Republic and established a Sixth Republic, separately, the truncated Fifth Republic would no survive very long because a major source of wealth would have been cut off - maybe a little like East and West Germany.

At November 17, 2012 7:01 PM, Anonymous Robert Marchenoir said...


No portion of the population is loyal to the original country, because there is no original country any more.

France is a nation torn up by civil strife since 1789. I'm not even aware of the names of the so-called heirs to the throne, and nobody takes them seriously except a few odball monarchists.

France has been a de facto communist country since 1945, never mind the political affiliation of the party in power.

At November 18, 2012 1:36 AM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ Robert Marchenoir,

If there can be no successful breaking away by "patriots" (I use quotes because they may include so many different types of people), no successful formation of a new state that preserves the necessary values of the past in order to build a future (i.e., archéofuturisme), then there is no point in doing anything. Writing, blogging, giving lectures, voting, holding demonstrations, etc... will not amount to a hill of beans.

Is there anything people (especially young people with children who may have some serious concerns about the future) can do? If all dissent is somehow made to look either evil or ridiculous, only violence remains. Or silence.

I find it strange that the Internet which has given freedom of speech to those of us who otherwise would have to remain silent, has, at the same time, strengthened and consolidated the Left, and slowly even converted the Establishment Right (Republicans, UMP, etc...) to a position of acceptance of Leftist values, such as white guilt, single motherhood, affirmative action, as well as a belief in moderate Islam.

At November 19, 2012 2:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's beyond argument too late for the U.S. Most of Europe however is still as white as the U.S. was in 1960, if not more so, and there is still time to reverse the destruction, but it has to be done quickly. It really only took about 20 years or less of open borders to destroy the U.S., the situation was still salvageable as late as the 80's, but by 2000 it was pretty much all over. Even by then George w. Bush could have pushed back the inevitable by decades is he had reduced legal immigration and cracked down hard on illegals and, above all, their employers and cracked down on welfare for immigrants, legal and otherwise. But doing so would have brought down even more wrath from the Liberal establishment, and that wasn't good for George W. Bush and his country club cronies, so he started wars overseas instead to take his voters minds off the reality of how he was collaborating in their destruction and the destruction of everything Conservatives and Republicans are supposed to believe in.

At November 19, 2012 7:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Secession is totally wrong strategy, it is defeatist. Secession will lead to the Balkanisation of America. The coastal ares will be held by Lefties, and they will bottle up the conservative states. Even if they lose a war, they can call on help from China, which will gladly come to their aid.

In The Thinking Housewife blog, the general tone of the discussion is secession, or a long march to reeducate the people. This they believe, will necessarily be a long process, in the order of 50 years or so.

However, it is worth looking at history when nations have have become mired in debt. Germany comes to mind first. Prior to WWII, Germany was a liberal state unlike any other in the West. But it was mired in debt by the Versailles treaty. This led to the collapse of the DM, and the rise of the Right.

A similar process is occurring in Europe right now. Ireland, the Celtic tiger just a few years ago, spent and spent like no tomorrow. Spain and Greece, thought they had booming economies, all fueled by cheap credit. They had salaries comparable to the Germans, in the same currency as the Germans. What could go wrong? But all work was just paper work and real wealth creation. There was no real hard manufacturing of wealth as in Germany. When the credit dried up, the creditors came calling, Austerity was imposed, riots are now everyday occurrence, and the people turned to the Right. All in the space of a few years.

America is in virtually the same position as Greece or Spain. It has a deficit that can only be measured in astronomic units, or parsecs. It has also off-shored its manufacturing to China. With nothing but Quantitative Easing, and raiding the remaining wealth producing industries, a crash is absolutely certain.

The traditional Right should prepare for the crash by offering a sane alternative. If they do not, then America will turn to a more frightening leader, which, unlike Greece, will be catastrophic for the rest of the world.

This scenario is not in some distant future, but quite likely before the next presidential election. Obama's re-election can thus be seen as the best of things that could have happened to restore America. In fact, I don't see anything else that will restore America, other then a crash, and for that Obama is just the right vehicle.


At November 20, 2012 10:48 AM, Anonymous Rollory said...

In the USA, there are groups of people training for chaotic situations - wargames, paintball, survivalist training, preppers, and so on. This is not and will not be sufficient; but it is a necessary precondition for the survival of the sane.

The French need to start doing the same. Organize self-defense classes. Teach staff fighting. Organize networks of contacts for local products. Etc. All under the rubric of self-defense against urban violence.

I see some signs of the economic side of it, but very little of the "self defense" (violent) side of it. That will absolutely be necessary.

At November 20, 2012 2:04 PM, Blogger Robert Pearson said...

The situation in the US more closely resembles the twilight of Third Republic, in my opinion. There is a rapid increase in the percentage of the population that feels so profoundly alienated from the regime they quietly want it to fail, or are actively engaged in helping it along.

Under these conditions, violence will rise and economic growth will disappear. With the internet (for however long it's universally available) it should be only months or a few years at most before a profound reordering and a Second Republic appears. Like all such births, it will be difficult and bloody, but that is human reality; 1775-1781 was no picnic, either.


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